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Route signs

Follow the arrows, explore the beauty of the Medici landscapes

Don't miss a single step of your journey! The route is marked with a variety of signs that will guide you at every turn.

Follow the arrows:

     • White/red trail arrows: they show you the direction of the route.
     • Bidirectional white/red arrows: they show you both the direction to follow and where you are coming from.
     • White/red mini trail arrows: small but reliable, they help you stay on the path.
     • Trail arrows with a brown background: they lead you towards points of interest or variations of the route.

Find out more with the information panels:

     • Brown background tourist information panels: they provide useful information on the places you are passing through, the history of the route and the attractions not to be missed.

For a pleasant and environmentally friendly exploration, we have favored the use of small-sized signs, especially in open, wooded and urban areas. 

The signs were created and installed thanks to the contribution of the Tuscany Region as part of the Call for the Infrastructure of Tuscany's paths, Interregional Project "In Itinere" (DGR 494/2016).

Let yourself be guided and immerse yourself in the beauty of the route!